THE CAST for GOK Theatre Jungle Book 

Shanti- Amelia C

Bagheera- Tatum L

Baloo- Tristin L

Shere Khan- Gareth J

Kaa The Snake- Joshua S

King Louie- Hugh M

Colonel Hathi- Claire M

Mowgli- Andrew A

Jungle Entity- Amelia R S, Cassie D, Daniella D 

Kaa Coil #1- Benjamin L

Kaa Coil #2- Astrid P

Kaa Coil #3- Lyra K

Kaa Coil #4- Valentina T

Kaa Coil #5- Alexandra R

Ziggy Vulture- Abigail C B

Dizzy Vulture- Rowan K

Baby Elephant- Audrey P

Elephant Herd- Konstantin T, Ruby C, Avery G

Silly Monkey- Madeleine F

Sassy Monkey- Audrey P

Grumpy Monkey- Andrea D

Old Monkey- Addison S

Monkey Chorus- Hailee M, Juliette S, Daphne A

Wolf #1- Blake G

Wolf #2- Scarlett G


Production:                                led by Cardboard PlayHouse Theatre Company 

Audition Registration:                   December 21

Audition:                                     January 11th (Wednesday) 2:00 - 3:30 pm at GOK 

Casting Announced:                  January 13th (Friday) 

Casted Students Registration:  $50  (scholarship available *see below) 

Casting Students:                       Approx 30 students 

Rehearsals:                                 Jan 23-Feb 2 Monday - Thursday 

                                                     every day from 2:00 - 4:30 pm.   Total of 2 weeks

Dress Reheasal:                         Feb 3 Friday 2-6 pm 

2 Community Performances:    February 4th (Saturday)  at 2 pm and 4 pm - free admissions in the cafeteria 

Assembly (Performance during school hours): February 6th (Monday) 2 performances in the morning 

Volunteering opportunities:      Sign up here       


Contact for questions:    

This is finished.  

Jungle stage creation to continue Jan 12 (Thu) and 13 (Fri) We need adult volunteers!  

Come to Room #203 after school if you are interested to create the stage with us!  We will be creating a lot of vines, trees, leaves, flowers and the King Louie Throne. 

(upstairs, in the old computer room, past the 2nd-grade area) 

Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company

Scholarship available

Link to register for scholarship is provided when you registrer for the audition.  The process is confidential and handled with care by the scholarship committee only.