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GOK PTA is thrilled to announce our second-year collaboration with CARDBOARD PLAYHOUSE THEATRE COMPANY! The Core Cast will be 30 students from 3rd to 5th grade and a Beginners' Ensemble of 10 students from K to 2nd grade.  The audition will take place on December 7th. There will be a total of 18 days (36 hours) of rehearsals in December and January with no rehearsals on Fridays. Please check the detailed schedule below. This program is valued at $200 per Core Cast student. However, thanks to PTA funding, will be offered at a 50% discount of $100/student Core Cast registration fee. The Beginner's Ensemble is also discounted to a $50/student registration fee.  Audition signup will start mid-November. Come back to check this site, or look out for fliers going home. The audition is free and anyone from K-5 is welcome. Payment is required only after being cast. Need-based/financial aid scholarship are available for familes. Scroll down to the very bottom.  Please only register for the scholarship after your child is cast. 

Questions? Contact Pari Shimoyama:



    November 16 (Thursday) 7:30 pm 

    The Cardboard Playhouse Instructor will be there too!

    click to join:

    Or dial: ‪(US) +1 941-251-0333‬ PIN: ‪199 344 341‬#

    More phone numbers:

    We will have a virtual meeting to explain the theatre process and to answer any questions from 

    the community.  You can also learn about the various volunteering opportunities from crafting the   

    perfect costumes to keeping the cast's tummies happy.  Want to paint the Big Ben   

    of London? Good at creating sign-up genius sheets? Join us! The possibilities are endless! Non- 

    cast members, families, and teachers are all welcome to join this community fun!  Let's make this    

    show a roaring success together! 

AUDITION: Finished

December 1 (Friday)   

December 7th (Thursday) 3:05 - 4:30 pm   

*Room 132 (by the Kindergarten) 

December 8th (Friday) 

The audition will consist of preparing and singing 1 song.  Your student will be asked to sing for 30 seconds. Please prepare something the child is comfortable singing. It can be "Happy Birthday to you".   The child will also be asked to follow a simple dance routine as well.  


The total maximum cast will be 40 students. 

Please inform us of your student's availability upon auditioning.  The Beginner's Ensemble will be participating in fewer songs and scenes. This is a great opportunity for the younger students who want to experience theatre. The rehearsal schedule will be approx. half of the hours, approx.10 days worth of rehearsal.  

Scholarship program is available. *The application link is at the bottom of this page 


We will be seeking 4 Backstage volunteers from 4-5th graders. They will help move stage props, give cues to the performers, etc.  Registration is free.  They will be required to attend the last 3 rehearsals (Feb 6,7,8) and attend all the school and public performances (Feb 9,10). Please email if your child is interested.   


Rehearsals are 3-4 times a week, and start after school 3:05 - 4:30 pm 

    December 11,12,13 (Mon-Wed)

   January 16,17,18  (Tue-Thu)            

   22,23,24,25 (Mon-Thu)

   29,30,31, February 1 (Mon-Thu)    

   February 5,6,7 (Mon-Wed)            

   February 8 (Thursday) 3-7 pm

NOTE:  There will be days when the group will focus on a particular scene, and your child may not need to come to rehearsals.  This worked well last year, and we would like to announce these days earlier this year to allow easier scheduling for families.  However, we will not know the schedule for your child's free days until rehearsals start. Thank you for your patience.  You will have the opportunity during the audition signup to let the instructors know of any other weekly classes or appts that you prefer to keep in case we can incorporate them into your "off-day" scheduling.  


   February 9 (Friday)  - performances for the students 

   February 10th (Saturday)  at 1:30 pm and 4 pm  - Free Admissions 


Contact for questions:    


Click here to learn about our amazing production company!

Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company is responsible for the audition process and will be making all the decisions for the cast.  The production company will be instructing the students in acting, singing, and dancing. Costume and Stagecraft instructions are provided by the production. PTA will take those instructions and work with VOLUNTEERS (parents, family members, students, teachers) to create the costumes and stage art. Your child does not need to be part of the cast for the child or family members to help in the volunteering.  We welcome everyone to join this community fun! 


We need adult volunteers who can help coordinate!   Please click to see various tasks from stage crafting to snack coordinators, to creating sign-up genius sign-ups!  Many tasks can be done from home.  Dads are also welcome and much needed for stage craft, and setup / teardown. 



Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company

Scholarship available

Please register for the scholarship only after you are cast after the audition.  This is a need-based/financial aid scholarship. The process is confidential and handled with care by the scholarship committee only.